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Zingerman’s: This is Ownership (by Daniel Seguin)

“Business should not exist in order to create wealth.
It should exist in order to give people better lives.”

And as Tolulope Ilesanmi (Co-founder at Zenith Cleaners) put it, “Or perhaps, we can expand the definition of wealth or better still, expose a truer, broader definition of wealth to encompass giving people better lives. I think when we do business as whole human beings, we cannot but come to the above realization. It is another way of saying human beings should not exist in order to create material wealth.”

I started Hammer & Mop on the same line of thought. It is very important to understand the customer segments we are targeting and the mindset of the people we will be employing. There is a certain way in which things have been taking place in the industry. However, if we do not change with the times, there is no long term benefit. Uplifting uneducated cleaning attendants from their current level of thought is key to Hammer & Mop’s success. Helping employees identify and take ownership of the brand you’re building results in the creation of a remarkable organization.

Tana (Organization Unbound) was sweet to share this video with Tolulope and me, and I’m promptly sharing it on Frankaffe. Daniel Seguin had the privilege of producing this photo-film in partnership with the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. It presents Zingerman’s Community of Businesses as a model for Localism. We, at Frankaffe, loved it.

Zingerman’s: This is Ownership from Daniel Séguin on Vimeo.

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