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Who’s Captaining Your Ship?

Reminds you of Invictus, does it? Same here.

  • Do you let other events affect your state of mind?
  • Do you let other’s opinions affect your decision?
  • Do you assume that the events occurring around you are out of your control?

You might answer differently to the above questions. The first two speak about how individualistic and independent you are. While the third question is about your place in society and about the ‘practical’ way of living- “How the hell can I control the things going on in the world?”

Firstly, it is important for you to be independent and individualistic. If we think carefully, we understand that everything is the way you look at it. An Akira Kurosawa film ‘Rashomon’ tells the tale of rape and murder, from four different perspectives. That’s when we realize how dramatically different can human perspective of the same horrifying situation be. Roses are red because you believe them to be and the weather is awful because you feel it to be so.

Things we often complain about are hardly ever ‘unexpected’. They would not have occurred had they not been ‘unexpected’. So why the surprise, why the angst, why the frustration? These emotions ruin your day and others’ too. If you react to a situation in a different way, think how different would your day be!

Spilt coffee on your new shirt?

Now what? That’s no reason to freak out, yell around and feel weird. Doing so would be wasting your energy, your time using which you can calmly change and get going. Being calm makes your day better, uplifts your mood and causes no drastic changes in your blood pressure levels. It saves you being a joke of your workplace too.

This was just an example. The same can be applied to extreme and softer cases too. If people die, they had probably seen it coming. That is when you should get your act together and keep doing what you’re here to do. Absolutely wasting time grieving instead of taking concrete steps lessens your life. Know that dead people will rather have you doing your best than be idle. They have probably shifted to a brighter, better world and are waiting for you to join them!

We all have pissed people around us. They yell around, act frustrated and make a mess of themselves in public. That is, again, no reason for you to lose your calm. Know that it is their world and will to be angry at beings. And it is our world and will to be calm and loving, to each and every one. Since we are the centre of our universe, we control our state of mind. And our state of mind controls all.

This post is not the right place to describe ‘how you can control things taking place in the world around you’. However, if you look at everything with an apt perspective, nothing ever seems out of control. And you achieve peace.

You captain your ship. Turn your back on the storm and the ship sinks. Face everything with a stout heart and the crew does not abandon you. Grab hold of the rudder, the wheel, and those amazing sails. Get out there and kick ass… like any captain would.


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