Who Killed Your Idea?

We all want to be unique, original and one of a kind yet we wouldn’t shy away from getting formulas, to handle just about any aspect of our lives rather than seek ways to solve it out on our own.
The greatest creative minds have believed that ingenuity is a skill that’s cultivated. The further we extend our innovation, the more the creative capacity expands.
Here are some pointers, experts suggests that may drive or toss your creative ideas.

Creativity inhibitors

i) You’ll run out of ideas
This can possibly be one reason why most have safevaulted their creative faculty as if they’ll deplete it, like their bank balances. It’s quite often quoted that the only limits of your mind are the ones you set on it. One can debate on the limits of the human mind forever but the process of ideation unlocks boundless possibilities every time it is called forth and allows you to explore your creative depth.
ii)The idea belongs to me alone
Ideas are born and not just created. The mysterious process engages a lot more elements than what we might consider. Our experiences with people, places and objects in the most peculiar ways can lead to thought storms that go into the sprouting of ideas. The mind is fertile to grand ideas when nourished with the right stuff including the thoughts and wisdom others have shared with you. Claiming sole ownership over ideas is not what geniuses have done or benefit from. The greatest ideas that have thrived well, have been shared to create the maximum beneficial impact on people.
iii) Creating to prove
With the recent entrepreneurial epidemic , innovation has become the buzzword. Having more people with a strong faith in their creative genius is the best thing that can happen to a nation. But are we creating to give or to make a statement? Do you use your creativity as a pedestal to raise yourself head and shoulders up from the rest? Now is that inventiveness that wants to give or to take recognition and acclaim? The most monumental ideas have seemed so remarkable that they are attributed to chance more than anything else; they had been anything but planned in the conscious minds of the ideators. Some attributes like joy, enthusiasm and sense of direction is what’s commonly experienced by such ingenious ideators.
iv) Unconscious replication of an admired work
Is it a coincidence that the fabrication of your idea seems fairly familiar to everyone but yourself? It is quite possible that your imagination is under heavy influence and likes to grab more than just inspiration from others.
v) Thought policing
Many a times, we find ourselves stagnant, unable to make decisions owing to the invariable habit of predicting the outcome of every action we take, with all its extent of outcome and possibilities. This tendency is the mother of inaction and has killed countless ideas and arrested several concepts from ever taking substance.

Creativity enhancers

i) Open to possibilities
The creative stream within flows best when left unhindered by rigid and limiting belief structures.
ii) Invincible faith in your potential
Thoughts of doubt or denial will corrode your will and imagination more than anything else. The faith is on the self and not the stiff belief system, you’ll know this if you can distinguish between criticism and cynism.
iii) Reflect different idea on each other
Interbreeding of ideas can yield better ideas with more momentum. The hybrid idea will have the best part of all the ideas and minimal tradeoffs.
iv) Brainstorm in groups
A group brainstorming session brings in multidimensional advantages, where you can leverage your idea into a more viable and efficient state. The feedback one gets is immensely helpful.
v) Having the intention in place
The whole process of ideation gets a lot more easier when you have the intention in place. This is in regard to what the idea intends to solve or generate. The clearer you are about it the faster it gets.

Why some ideas fail?

i)Ideas based on false/incomplete assumptions.

ii)Limited by the individual’s limit.
Sometimes the idea can be greater than its wielder in terms of his individual capacity and if not implemented strategically with a proficient team support.

iii) Low confidence/faith to fuel the idea to fruition.
Sometimes the idea may not seem powerful enough owing to the long journey you may have to take, to uphold and realize it. Strong faith goes a long way in preserving it.

iv)Doesnt really benefit anyone
A self-centered idea is as good as none.

While originality is welcomed by all and sundry, novelty alone doesn’t deliver much when you prefer form over functionality.

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