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What Motivates You?

Even at this stage of my startup journey, I have often been asked about the things that motivate me. During interviews with some amazing people and during conversations with like-minded individuals. While it is essential to have constant sources of motivation, it is important to understand that the ‘sources’ keep on changing. The level of motivation, however, either remains the same or simply goes on increasing.

‘Making change happen’ and ‘creating a difference in many other lives’ is a factor that can inspire you to start up in the first place. When you are in the middle of things, these factors do not really help you move forward with diligence. In that case, your motivational factors naturally become your immediate and long-term goals. You ‘measure’ the impact rather keeping a philosophical goal.

In strategy games like ‘Age of Empires’, you can keep the bigger picture in mind and sacrifice armies to meet the ultimate goal of your nation’s glory. In FPS games like ‘Counter Strike’, you forget being a Navy Seal and you forget being a soldier for your cause. It is all about killing the enemy first because the enemy does not wait to kill you.

It is like being a General and a Soldier while planning the same operation. When you are an entrepreneur, you are a soldier as well as a General of your own crack unit. You need to shoot your hurdles, live in the moment and yet take time out to think of the long-term strategies.

When in the field where people ask you questions, an entrepreneur is probably a soldier who lives in the moment. What drives him then is a victory in the immediate battle. You might not expect the deep answers then. Surely not, in my case. When alone, in solace and pondering over the future of the company, the entrepreneur truly remembers then, what made him start up and what keeps him alive during the everyday battles.

Good fun.

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