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What Exodus Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

A magnificent movie often puts you into a deep thought, as you attempt to comprehend it with a situation you are in and the life you lead. From Game of Thrones to After Earth and Interstellar, each of these entertainment shows reinforced the lessons on starting up and simply being. Exodus, with all its grandeur and a well known story, put things in perspective again. I attempt to highlight a few points brilliantly showcased-

There are no coincidences

If you love the Matrix and Kung Fu Panda, you believe in this already. Just like Moses simply ended up in the slave camp one day, you end up bumping into and meeting a lot of people without expecting it. They might become your closest friends or business associates in the years to come. The trick is to accept all experiences with an open mind, showing up and saying ‘yes’.

Life might just crash down

Moses was the Prince of Egypt, and one fateful encounter with a slave did him in. He was exiled, humiliated and faced hardships. He was almost robbed, he almost died and never quite lived in luxury again. Not that it matters and not that it mattered to him, but the drastic changes are inevitable if destiny calls for it. Nothing is permanent, change and evolution is constant. Our reaction to the changing circumstances determines our future.

Stay true to yourself

Your family might not get it, people might stare at you in disbelief and employees might be disillusioned at times. You might end up being buried in quicksand or might need to experience collateral damage during your trudge towards victory. Believing in yourself and communicating the higher purpose to your team is the key. Moses was a General and made an army out of slaves. He fought guerrilla battles. He didn’t give up. You don’t give up either.

Losing hope occasionally is okay.

Mistakes happen. We are only human. But better keep it private, because people following you look upto the purpose you stand for. You might feel like giving up, feel that you have misled your people to a Devil’s Alternative and might feel like a fool. Keeping this emotions private and figuring the way out is a leader’s challenge. Stay strong and instill confidence in your people, even if it ebbs low inside you. Trust in miracles and the power of faith. Faith and Optimism create your present every moment. Your perception decides how you feel. And how you feel defines every moment.

Help yourself.

God helps those who help themselves. Our actions decide the future, actions which are fortified by trust, love and faith. The way we treat our enemies and family determines our relationships, emotions and thus the future. In state of conflict, there is a constant struggle to give in to the animal instinct of aggression. However, sacrifice for the greater good helps us achieve much more, way more, than people do.

The best people are crazy.

Or atleast, the world takes them to be. How you deal with your madness helps the world decide how to deal with you. Moses’ conversations with God were trusted by his people due to his actions, supreme sacrifices and evident miracles. Your madness would be lauded by the world when you showcase results. It is okay to be crazy, it makes you what you are. It is okay when the craziness is being channeled into a productive endeavour.
How did you like the movie? Anything else you came across, which doesn’t seem to have struck me? Do share :) Thanks.

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