VCs: Write a Book!

We badly need some awesome VC-authors here in India.

True, the entrepreneur culture is still developing, there still is time for the wackiness to sink in and for the old-fashioned business honchos to allow these tiny entrepreneurial lion-lives to float. True that. But hey- I’m bored of a MindTree founder going on about universal & quite obvious ethics and his company’s achievements. I’m bored of a maverick Marwari businessman ranting about his take on Indian mindset, with heavy stress on his achievements again. Does that help us? No.

Then there are some more. We have random women writing about innovation and inspirational stories of Indian entrepreneurs. It is good to have those but do they really ‘help’? No. Why then, are we left to depend on foreign authors when it comes to the core tasks of setting up and running a business?

India is a unique and a funny market. People here have a mindset of its kind, different needs and different laws. We use different words here, there is distinct but categorical freedom. It is not easy to find information relating to some neighborhood company/services, here in India. Many folks do not have a web presence, many successful companies think twice before setting up a proper website.

“I mean- wake up, ye sleeper!”

We see VC firms and Entrepreneur networks mushrooming up here. They have blogs but then again- blogs are all about their personal experiences related to people and strategies. Why not have instructions, for a change? Networking is fun but we do need one-click insights on how to incorporate and who to approach in India.

It would help to have basic statistics online, which entrepreneurs can feed on.

Plus books on how to find the right market here and what exactly constitutes the right market. There are way too many people in India. And now that you’ve woken up, sleeper, you’ll notice that hardly a few people have access to internet or have an Android phone. Do not show me numbers, even a 3% of your pie-slice is in thousands. But what of the remaining millions? Tempting market, right? Hell yeah!

We need reports on how we can help out on the social entrepreneurship front. We can create all websites and apps we can but offering a hungry farmer some cool apps doesn’t do the trick. We need to know the chances of our idea’s acceptance in rural areas, the problems they face, the funds required, mentors and much more. Visiting those areas is the solution, but takes up time and energy. Visiting the area after a detailed study of the same is beneficial.

We need more information- about the laws, about the people and about the markets.

And VCs, who have experience and funds, are the best people to put it all down on a website or in some awesome book. We need Mentors who are willing to reach out on their own and nurture young brains. We need an amazing Eco System because we can sustain one.

Go write a book, dear folks. I’ll be the first one to buy it.


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