Unplugged and at peace

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Being detached is a fun state of mind

For you truly feel like a wind on a dusty plain.

You feel like a poet typing out a poem

With vivid winters in his mind, and summer light outside.


It has been an interesting day today

With money flowing, people working, company growing

Banks behaving like fools, clients being angelic,

Detachment is a fun state of mind. I’m living in this poem.


Structured words, I realize, bring about the peace inside.

Channeled thoughts, I realize, numb the irrelevant noises.

And music soothes, I realize, for it takes me inside.. deep inside.


Serene, bubbling happiness of living every moment.

Sparkling, dazzling happiness of documenting my emotions.

Unfathomable depths of gratitude for being here, now.

Detachment is a wonderful word, a wonderful state of mind.

It sets me free to live.

It sets to free to love.

And it teaches me to build.

And fly high.



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