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Two Sides #1: ‘Science’ & Indian Mythology

After the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson at CERN, a debate raged on an Indian news channel whether ‘Science’ has ultimately triumphed on ‘Religion’. A catholic priest wisely insisted that ‘Science’ and ‘Religion’ are, on the contrary, highly complementary to each other. But the audacity of a national news channel to publish such a shallow claim on live television watched by thousands was shocking. As the priest stated, we’re yet to unravel 96% of the world’s mysteries. I felt it essential to share some from my own experiences here.


It all started with the Da Vinci Code, when Symbology managed to intrigue my young mind back then. I started seeing it in every religious text and symbols. It mainly lead to exploring the topmost layers of Indian Mythology, Neurology and Quantum Mechanics. It lead me to Erich von Däniken‘s Chariots of the Gods? and was later introduced to David Icke by Shikhar. I remember maintaining a journal to note down certain interesting similarities between Indian Mythology and Biology when in 10th grade. Sharing them here, in multiple posts. If you have an opinion, please do not hesitate sharing it in the space for comments below.


Please note that I’ll be touching multiple topics briefly. The information is vast and goes very deep. I’d love to catch up with any individuals who would like to discuss these things further. In this post, I touch upon Mythology. In the next posts, I’ll speak about ancient flying machines (the ‘Vimanas’), ET interventions and Historical proofs. 


Pineal Gland

This tiny thing has quite a reputation. Descartes suggested that it transmitted messages from the eyes to the muscles mechanically and also linked humans to the one non-material part of the universe, the mind. It secretes the hormone Melatonin which is responsible for our body clock and probably even our death. It is known to develop a rudimentary eye lens.


Pineal Gland & Lord Shiva

  • Pineal Gland is situated in the ‘head’ region, top-most of the human body. It secretes Melatonin which manages the body clock and maintains the rhythm of the body. It develops rudimentary eye lens and is probably responsible for the end of our life cycle. Hindu deity Shiva stays in the Himalayas (north). He, as Nataraja, dances in the ‘hall of the consciousness’ and maintains the ‘rhythm of the universe’.  Shiva possesses the ‘Third Eye’ and is broadly known as the ‘Destroyer’ along with the holy trinity of Hindu deities Brahma (Creator) and Vishnu (Preserver). The river Ganges flows from his hair knot and is known as the giver of life.


  • Pineal Gland is small and round. It secretes Melatonin. ‘Lingam‘ is Shiva’s symbol that is widely worshiped. It is round and milk (giver of life) drips from the same.

Penis and Lord Shiva

  • Human penis ejaculates semen which results in conception and birth of a human child. During ejaculation, the Glans is exposed and semen drips down the foreskin. The Lingam is debated as a symbol of male sexuality and that it represents Shiva’s penis. The milk (giver of life) thus is symbolic of the semen. The top of the Lingam strongly resembles Glans and the structure around it is strikingly similar to the foreskin. Ganges flowing out of Shiva’s locks highly resembles the act of ejaculation as well.
  • If Shiva was a tribal leader in the Himalayan region back then, the anointment procedure included washing the newly chosen leader’s penis with menstrual blood (which was/is a symbol of purity). Note that is the blood (potentially life giving) coming from a female Uterus (shaped like a vessel) onto the penis of Shiva. This resembles the Lingam where milk (life giver) is poured from a vessel (a female Uterus).


Conception & Hindu Gods

Brahma sits on a lotus bed, which grows out of Vishnu’s navel (this might be a symbol for ‘inside’ Vishnu). His other two heads belong to Vishnu and Shiva. He is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver while Shiva is the destroyer.

The human embryo sits in the uterus (lotus) has three distinct layers-

  • One develops into all internal organs and systems (creation)
  • Second develops into all exterior surfaces (skin and protection)
  • Third specifically develops into the Pineal Gland.


The Land of Shambala

This imperishable sacred land (click here for more information) is highly similar to an embryo structure. For all the hardships that have been described to reach here, it might mean-

  • The hardships of a life and to be born again (live, die and be born as an embryo)
  • The sacrifices and exercises to achieve enlightenment and thus realize the source of it all


Spirituality speaks of multiple dimensions and the circle of life. There are proofs that many of Hindu deities actually existed and walked among us in flesh and blood. However, there is a strong sense of ‘Oneness’ in Science and Mythology. How is the symbolism and biological facts related? The points mentioned above are too strong to be shrugged off as a coincidence. And there is so much to it. It is not unlike the ‘Unified theory’, an answer to everything. I look forward to writing more on the subject.


love and peace


  • Rohit

    I had heard way long back about the hypothalamus and Lord Shiva’s third eye but the second correlation between Lord Shiva and Penis hardly comes up in mind. I guess it’s embarrassing for Indian public to know about this fact when mythology and science are co-related.

    Gods were created by us to give an assurance to all the people that their exists someone with supernatural powers and give us a guiding path in life.

    In short, everything is imaginary.

    • Sushrut Munje

      Well no. The fact that ‘lingam’ literally means penis is widely known. Debated, but well known. Also, Krishna’s Dwarka existed. Ramayana and Mahabharata did take place. Lord Shiva existed. Gods have been known to walk and live among humans. Nothing is imaginary, dear friend.

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