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@collabjunkie “Night is cold and black as coal, sea is calm and silence behold”

@sushrutmunje “Dawn approaches with its bright light, Sunday Morning Sunshine takes us on a high flight ;)”


@collabjunkie “oh the dreaded sunday morning, with its broken promises of serenity, disguising the drone of the week approaching”

@sushrutmunje “Fearful dreams of a skeptical mind, does nothing but pulls a cloak of malice o’er thy eyes.”


@collabjunkie “Black bird sings to the wilderness alone, the song of sin and victory untold”

@sushrutmunje “Bird of Purple, Bird of Green, Light of Joy, of Coffee & Cream. Sing with the old song. Dance in glee. Dance in glee.”


@collabjunkie “I was a dreamer of dancing unicorns, then came the vulture slaying the song”

@sushrutmunje “I was the builder of the air, rode the vulture’s wings, took it to the heights it had never known. Malice, never known.”


@collabjunkie “oh thy bird of purple, I’ll see u on a new moon night, see u turn black on that moonless night”

@sushrutmunje “Black with no moon, purest white with the Sun. For when the skin is known, the time is right to bend the red hot steel.”


@collabjunkie “flying high the world seems naïve, I see the promise from up here. Oh but the air, so thin.. I can’t stay”

@sushrutmunje “Then erupt the wings of belief, keeping you high above, gifted are you, noble soul, to know the truth.”


@collabjunkie “so burn with passion from that uncharted land! Make true the promises you made to the man”

@sushrutmunje “And let’s build the bridges, seeking true light. Let’s live the love, in spite of this windy night.”


@collabjunkie “to the sound of love I must say amen, for what is a little wind for this bird of sea”

@sushrutmunje “Structured words, falling into place. Mighty strings taking me back to my work space. Sigh.”


@collabjunkie “I see you know more than you say, unafraid of the flight, with the zeal to take you high! Be the flight in your wings! Fly away”

@sushrutmunje “A bird flying alone can only but have a vision. A bird with friends can build a nation.”


@collabjunkie “bravo my friend!”

@sushrutmunje “Cheers! :)”

@collabjunkie “:) cheers!”


And thus, it was a wonderful conversation with a friend.

Himanshu Rohilla (@collabjunkie) of BeetaLabs Co-working Mumbai

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