Tryst with night #2

‘Starry night’ by Van Gogh


The night tonight, changes its hues,

Like a dream that revels in its own imagination.


It twinkles, in the memory

Of one speck of agony

Which walked a warred path,

Led a scarred life

And stamped its victory

In the footnotes

Of morning tears.


And drenched in the starry intoxication

Of an unborn dawn,

I bequeath my breath

From a midnight’s aphorisms.


I live my poem,

And watch her go.

A smokeflame of a spirit;

Lost in a faraway hollowness.


And someday, I hope,

The nakshatra of my being

Pours down incessant rains,

From her soaked eyepetals,

In one drizzle of a glorious reminiscence.


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