Trick Me Into Believing

First of all, Let us get this clear, I don’t believe in love,
I also don’t believe in magic.
Tricks are a whole different ball game though.

Think about it.
It is a dark road and you are walking down it alone.
And you can just make love appear.
You could just pull it out a sleeve.
Ain’t nobody gonna mess with you. Man.
Crazy, right?

You could hide it like a warm furry white animal. In a classy top hat.
[The animal won’t be wearing the hat. I mean, you hide it in the hat.]
It would stay there, silent and quivering. And maybe shitting.
It needs feeding.
And you might need to let it breathe. Occasionally.
Face it, no one likes a dead dove.
Finally, you might have to pull it out.
But I don’t think you can put it back.

It brandishes decks of cards and sometimes silk handkerchiefs.
I hear, it can hypnotize people.
Make them forget themselves.
It can tell people what their card was,
And it can very well saw people in half.

Not all magic tricks are good,
But they are not all bad either.
A few are pretty real.
Most are smokes and mirrors too.

Love sometimes gets out of handcuffs.
Out of straightjackets.
Out of chains.
Out of tanks full of water.
That are buried under land.

Sometimes love just vanishes.
Because? I don’t know. You tell me.
No, really, I am asking you.
It leaves you with your mouth open.
Wonder. Like no other.
But It binds you sometimes and it binds you till you can’t move.

It transforms you. It transports you.
It levitates you. It penetrates you.
It escapes you.
But it is popular at parties. It makes you meet others.
Who believe. In Abracadabra.
And some who believe. In Hocus Pocus.
Who have read the books and want to practise.

So. For my next trick, I’ll need a volunteer.

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