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Any blog post or an article often reflects the state of mind of the author at that moment in time. This is mostly the case for someone who is still in the process of building their first successful project. Virgin soul, hungry air and a very ambitious aura drives the entrepreneur towards his/her goals. Isn’t it wonderful?

As in the case of experienced folks, though they’re equally passionate, they have reached a more or less stable ground. They tend to acutely observe and wilfully comment and study cases. A young fellow might feel the urge to do something similar on seeing interesting activities. A veteran, on the other hand, might help the person out than creating competition.

My journey started almost a year back. And I’ve grown leaps and bounds from the young boy that I was. It has been an amazing journey already and the best is, of course, still to come. That will always be the case. I will not be the same tomorrow or ever again.

There have been hurdles and interesting solutions to the same. I happened to meet the right people at the right time. I happened to get the right ideas at the right time, and the best people to confide them in. I got the right amount of money at just the right time too. Understand that whatever happens is the best possible thing that can happen to you at that time. Believing so really helps.


Simply Strategize / Strike The Red Iron?

I’ve known people who talk and talk but never act. And that is often because they don’t know how to act. This is probably because they have never done anything worthwhile till now. And if today is not the day to start, no one knows when is. There is a limit to what planning and strategizing can accomplish. You cannot set deadlines till you go out there and meet people. You cannot plan customer acquisition strategies till you deliver the product to their doorstep. You cannot talk about generating wealth till you know what you’re made of. Stop talking, start doing- best way to generate wealth; for you and others.

This does not mean you start running beforehand. Once the wheel is set in motion, it cannot be slowed down. It is best to prepare to act. But ‘preparation’ has its levels and they have to be decided upon. Plan up to a certain step and reach it. Then plan further. Include as many people as you can. Great Teams make Great Companies happen. The CEO should never be the smartest person in the team, dearies.


People Are Important?

Oh yes, very. But then, they are like corn cobs. Make sure you know what the grains are and gobble them up. Make sure you know what the husk is and either discard it or put it to appropriate use. Assigning the right task to the right people has its benefits. You cannot do everything. Delegate and rest assured. Listen selectively to everyone and take in what’s useful. Everyone, including you, talks crap at times. Everyone, including you, talks real value at times. Know what’s valuable. Know what crap is. This will help you grow.

There are expendable people. There are people whom you cannot afford to let go. There are folks whom you can afford to kick out and those who should not have existed in the first place. Live with them; understand the level of interactions and the manner to deal with the similar bunch of folks in the future.


Mass Marketing / Being the Purple Cow

Cows, however good, are boring. But a purple cow looks remarkable. Once all cows are purple, purple cows end up being boring. So says Seth Godin and I’ve never seen the concept explained so wonderfully before.

We are facing two options when it comes to marketing. One is to target the mass audience, since our services can be used by anyone and everyone. This will result in a lot of noise but heavy expenditures and a conversion rate of about 40-50%. Can we bootstrappers afford that?

It depends on our budget allocation and priorities. Because this does not mean we become less remarkable to the service delivery. It will be being a purple cow and reaching to everyone and anyone. That means, only 40-50% of people, to whom we yell out loud about our services will listen and see how purple the cow is. Does not sound encouraging, does it?

Another option is to cut down heavily on our marketing budget. We still focus on being remarkable and that remains the sole spotlight. To our every customer, we provide an amazing service; do our stuff on the freebies front and believe that it will result in spread of word by mouth. Here, we are saving huge bucks and being exclusive. We will have a prominent web presence but will not yell out to people who don’t care. Instead, we will speak to people who have reached out to us willingly. Will not that result in a 70-80% conversion rate?

Free One-Time Washroom Clean-Ups (worth $10) for guessing the choice we opted for. Free One-Time Complete House Clean-Up (worth 2500 INR) for asking the right question on reading the previous offer. Mail in your questions/answers/guesses at editor@sushrutmunje.com


That is all for now. That is all I would like to share.

Hoping to grow more by the time I write my next post.

love and peace


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