The Novelty Nation

In these exciting times, there’s a lot of speculation taking rounds as to what’s gonna be the next redefining idea, novel concept and smarter models to replace the older one in all the avenues deeply relevant in our daily lives; be it technology, design, lifestyle etc.¬†Everytime when you read or hear- whether mobile computing devices are gonna replace the desktops, ebooks outliving the traditional books or email killing the snailmail.

You can’t help but wonder, “What the heck is it all about?” Why do certain sets of unimpressed people rejoice at predicting/speculating trends they have no control over? It is analogous to a guy posting the ‘first’ comment on a Vlog. While there is nothing apparently wrong in exercising our imagination, but the point is when the self-professed oracles gain immense joy at the death of an old, time-tested model as if it was the only reason why their lives weren’t functioning. This resembles the scenario of a bored Roman mob eagerly waiting for the next gladiator to beat the current champion who apparently doesn’t seem enthralling enough.

This is a misdirected case, where Novelty poses as Innovation (make that disruptive if you like). That’s when innovation is brought in for the sake of change and not for efficiency or to eliminate some dysfunction or a pain point. If it is new, doesn’t imply its always better. Novelty is for the bored and Innovation is for people who understand and admire ingenuity. One ages with time and the other evolves with it.

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