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the heck about ‘Value’ and ‘On Time’


Even in business, the value of a product or service is not solely about money. Value is often measured by the usefulness or desirability of something. As such, the concept of “value” is subjective rather than objective. That is, it means something different to each person considering it, and that meaning can change as time, place and situation change.” [http://bit.ly/gb1fCB]

“Shared Value:

Shared values are what engender trust and link an organization together. Shared values are also the identity by which an organization is known throughout its business areas. These values must be stated as both corporate objectives and individual values. Every organization and every leader will have a different set of values that are appropriate to its business situation.” [http://bit.ly/g8CASV]

“And we realized that ‘value’ is what we want our startup to provide our customers with.”

How do I go about it? And more importantly, what might be the best way to structure the business proposal around it? The first draft was crude. We edited it and modified it in about 2 months. That gave us a whole lot of perspective. And now we have reached a point where we simply need to define what our start up is here to do.

Being punctual is not enough, we need to state the core belief behind the desire to be punctual. Being pleasant & thorough is not enough, we need to explain and understand the emotion behind the same. Why are we aspiring to be this good to the society? Why do our policies and services undergo a slight transformation as per the locality in which we operate? Why do we even care?

‘Simply to ward off contemporary competition’ is not that good an answer.

We need to realize and put that heck of a ‘Realization’ to good use.

Our ‘Strength’, that is.

Things happen for a reason these days. The latest issue of Harvard Business Review reached my doorstep and that answered many of our questions. ‘Shared Value’, they called it and that is what they explained. They wrote about the way it blurred profit and non profit boundaries and also about the difference between ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) and ‘Creating Shared Value’ (CSV).

I cant share the highlighted points from the article for that will mean inviting legal proceedings against me. Anyway three points struck my chord for that is precisely what we had on our agenda:

  • re conceiving products and markets
  • redefining productivity in the value chain
  • enabling local cluster development

Now, we are not naive enough to believe that On Time RMS is the solution to all problems. But it is a solution to many. And we have more plans for ‘enabling local cluster development’; That is precisely what we want all our ventures to achieve. It is a start. :)

That also put us in the mold of Social Entrepreneurship.

“Ability to create shared value is as important as creating social benefit.”

Our aim is to create a self sustaining system that understands and lives by its underlined values. Thus, it offers a significant new lifestyle to its customers through the value-added services. It aspires to grow and win hearts across the area of operations. What do we understand by growth?

  • Maximizing profit while simultaneously creating & sharing value (profit is revenue minus expenses)
  • Creating huge employment opportunities in the relevant sectors
  • Self Sustaining system that focuses on great service & satisfaction of everyone involved

Call them ‘Universal Business Goals’. This is what we are here to create- me and my team of like minded individuals. And we are learning. Now that things are clearer, we might receive a boost in the execution plans.

Writing down stuff helps.

love and peace

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