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The Flawless Struggle

The Flawless Struggle by Sushrut Munje

We see the world through our lens; our perceptions – they call it the worldview – are quite useful when we create buyer personas and develop brand positioning. The border between our personal and professional lives has blurred to a definite extent, and our thought processes have a clear effect on our work performance.

When we observe as an exercise and do it as a study for a measured reaction; we strive to have an unbiased view, once where our individuality stands out (no doubt) but extreme heat-of-the-moment opinions don’t. The struggle for the ideal observing mindset is pretty real, for we’re aware of the grave miscalculations if the parameters go haywire. To put it simply, when in a study mode, we struggle to be flawless. And funnily enough, we let ourselves go in situations which arise during our daily personal lives.

Quick to Retort

In the daily hustle-bustle, the situations we react to are broadly categorized into ones where it’s acceptable to react negatively (traffic jam, public disturbance, shoving around on public transport) and ones where a guarded reaction is expected (team discussions, critical feedback by a colleague). We are quick to respond to a provocation thus not taking the blame for a traffic jam. However, we analyze and respond with grace in case of fallout in work settings, because we accept the blame.

Boils Down To Momentary Perception

Your reaction to a statement made by a stranger decides the future course of action. Also, your perspective towards the situation at hand determines your reaction. The level of frustration a traffic jam causes you, might not cause the same level of frustration to another individual if she is in a better frame of mind. The crowd doesn’t seem like a crowd, the hot sun might seem pleasant if you aren’t in a hurry and the slow traffic might just seem like “a busy Monday”. As a result, ‘reality’ has two versions to two different individuals affected by a same traffic jam. Might we conclude that reality is but a perception?

Come Hit Me

It is quite easy to get angry at the world. If we look around carefully wanting to disapprove, the world has the potential to provide us with quality opportunities which won’t disappoint. Alternately, if we look around wanting to find love and joy, the world does provide ample opportunities again! By seeking out flaws and frustrations, we are asking to get hit hard, for despair drives us down. Seeing joy around us takes more time and effort, but is worth the trouble.

Are We Flawless?

As a rule in customer service – you do not have an opportunity to take a firm stand against an unreasonable demand unless your communication has been flawless. If we have delivered a sub standard service, over promised & under delivered, left out gray areas in communication or simply missed out highlighting key points – we do NOT have the right to argue and it is in your best interests to bend over backwards for the customer. Assuming, of course, nothing unconstitutional is being demanded. People staying in glass houses cannot throw stones at others and it is unwise for you to ride out to battle with obvious chinks in your armor.

If Not, How Can Our Perception Be Flawless?

Though an effective manager will ensure removal of all armor chinks in work setting, she might forget this philosophy while heading out to a commute home (where blame on self isn’t easily accepted). Unless we’re super prompt on the work front, with no cases of procrastination and muddled thinking, how can we possibly lose our temper on strangers blocking the road? How can we lose our temper on an unruly cab driver if we take shortcuts in other areas of life? Often, the situations we experience are merely a reflection of our thought processes – a physical manifestation.

It makes little sense to react negatively to our physical surroundings unless we are flawless within. Interestingly, once we are flawless within, we will cease to experience these minor hiccups and life will be a calm breeze. And again – the struggle to be flawless is very real, even at a subconscious level.

love and peace

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