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The Error on balance

“So you’re good at art, must be right-brained. It should be hard to grasp numbers I bet. And you there, love math you say, best stay away from linguistics.” Thus, we see a tendency shared by most, that wants it either this or that, but can’t digest anything else. I’m here to annihilate this bias of compartmentalising skill, talent and certain traits, which chokes the possibility of discovering newer perspectives and possibilities.

Intelligent and frail, Rich and unhappy, Spiritual and ascetic are some traits best seen together else reality breaks for most. If one is to imagine a genius, most would picture a weakly thin person with heavy glasses and it would be certainly be unfair if he excels in many areas other than intellect. And God forbid if it happens to be a woman, for that is hard to perceive in our society’s mind. Is it any surprise when people can’t grasp the idea of someone being really good at multiple things? Something’s just gotta give!

To see a former construction worker, who also had been a bouncer for over 20 years, have an IQ of around 200 is inconceivable for many. Yet that is what Christopher Langan is famous for. If you thought politics and scientific ingenuity couldn’t coexist in the same mind, then you obviously knew little about Benjamin Franklin. Antoine Lavoiser, regarded as the father of modern chemistry, was a qualified lawyer. I’ve seen a medical practitioner who is also passionate about bikes and loves to modify and assemble them; and have met a hindu priest who’s also reveres bodybuilding and likes to participate in contests. Classification is no problem when done with the intention of order and identification, but is a big one if it serves restriction. This imbalanced view of expecting only from the expected is a gaffe that caps innovation. Major breakthroughs wouldn’t have occurred if their underlying disciplines hadn’t merged. Bridging different domains is what unveils newer realms and provides countless opportunities for the better.

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