The Blind Urgency


Every one gets to enter and everyone gets to leave. Same station, same train, same door- yet we see the blind hurry, the blind urgency. Everyone rushes towards the door, afraid to be left behind. Afraid to be different because everyone seems to be in a hurry. An unexplained freakish hurry. Oh, damn the blind urgency.


Once you enter, you calm down. The people spread out, they find their places and they settle down. They travel together, seated at their hand-picked perches, eyeing the fellow travelers of time, they let their eyes and thoughts wander. The rush begins as the destination nears. Many souls share the same destination. Same station, same train, same door- but the hurry begins. The rush to be the first to get down, the rush to not be the last one standing while others get down, the mad hurry to the illusory escape from the rat race, the sheep gather around the door- damn the blind urgency.


They do know that they share the beginning. They do know that they share the end.

But they taste fear for some reason, and are afraid to believe it away.

They should know that being oneself, being true is the easiest thing.

About time they know what they are.

Damn the blind urgency.


  • rohansingh

    Hey Sushrut,
    Today, I was guilty of “blind urgency” when I nearly tripped 3 people over while trying to catch a train at Dadar.

    Not again, I’ve promised myself. Your post was a freakish co-incidence and much needed gentle external reminder.

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