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That ‘student org’ Thing

I recently came across a few individuals who want to see some serious change in the way things happen here in India. Especially in the city we reside- Mumbai. They are more or less clear about how the change can be initiated. However, the shivers before taking the plunge often kill all dreams before they are realized. I hope it wont be the case this time.

We’ll have to be a part of the media for ‘reaching out to as many people as we can’ needs to be one of our most important goals. That makes us a publication. Something that can be easily purchased / shared and read. With it, comes sources, writers and photographers. Even artists who can contribute with their edited photographs, paintings, poetry and videos. Is it enough?

“Being just another publication will not help. Being a publication with a difference will.”

We need something more. Why?

Pointing out faults, deficiencies and short comings is one of the easiest things ever known to mankind. It is convenient to criticize and discuss the Utopian Dream of a perfect state with like minded self styled activists. People read, people are inspired, people take to the streets with you, people get bored and people start searching for something better to amuse err, inspire themselves.

All this is good but at what cost? All those candles used during 7/11 anniversary meetings- why not give them to the needy folks instead of wasting them for long dramatic processions across the city? Why does the symbolism matter more than decisive action in such cases? Do we really need long processions across the city year after year?

“Criticizing current systems and suggesting ambiguous half-baked concepts as solutions is not sensible. Pointing out problems and suggesting logical, feasible solutions is.”

That is the way to go. We point out problems, we offer solutions. We point out problems and we tell them the right way to sort it out.

So it wont just end with someone going to jail, it will end with the thing getting done and the problem getting solved!

And we need no special geniuses for the same. It is a simple process that might have a few loopholes here and there. Point them out to me and we’ll make it better. Thus we can make it happen. WikiLeaks showed us that world shivers in the cold of being naked. Let us make sure ours does not.

  • We create a network of dedicated youngsters who can manage the organization. What does the organization do? It stays in touch with prominent builders, architects, scientists, journalists, politicians, engineers and more. Plus it publishes a regular journal which is a non-profit publication.
  • We get details of all government infrastructure plans.
  • With the help of our network, draft a parallel proposal (purely for academic interest) from our network of experts. If interested, students from the same field of study can lead such projects and work hand in hand with our experts. That gives them a field experience.
  • We publish the parallel proposals in our publication. Hopefully, the government project should not take more funds than the figure we have approximately reached.
  • Mainstream media can then hammer (read: question) the government for the gap in diverted funds for the project.

There is a chance that this might work. And we can form a better model.

“Change is good. Really good.”

love and peace

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