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That One Bug

“About the bugs that make people take risks, shift paradigms and stand against the direction of the then popular public emotion.”

One of those bugs creates entrepreneurs out of random people. America.gov has an interesting list of reasons saying why should one be an entrepreneur. No fear of being laid off, being in charge, contributing to the local economy are some of the basic results. If you have that inner drive and adequate motivation coupled with high and constructive optimism, you can create a significant change in the world around you. Or rather, your world. And thus build an organization that would be able to change lives.

An entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.” However, there is much more to entrepreneurship than this simple definition.

Author and successful entrepreneur Michael Gerber once wrote, “The entrepreneur is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We’re born with that quality and it defines our lives as we respond to what we see, hear, feel, and experience. It is developed, nurtured, and given space to flourish or is squelched, thwarted, without air or stimulation, and dies.”

Quotes are plenty. Things successful men and women said inspire us to take the first step. And then we falter. And that is hazardous. Confusion at any point of time results in delays, wastage of time and wastage of energy. It takes a toll on you, your enthusiasm and your soul.

“If we agree that ‘we are the authors of every next moment‘, why then do we search and crave for a secure future? Why not create one- for us and for everyone else?”

You can read books and talk to a lot of people. Doubts should be cleared and we have ample help for the same online. Again- we even have a webbie letting you know ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur‘. Look what the world is coming to!

Being an entrepreneur is not the only thing to do, of course. I wont say that this is the coolest thing to do either. You cannot compare professions! But if you have come across ‘opportunities’, it is better to think twice before stepping back. You might even be destined for the ‘stuff’.

Redefine the terms ‘security’ and ‘normal’. Create an environment that will give you results and satisfaction.

Fear not the risks you have to take and challenges that your decision will pose. Look at the opportunities, the rewards and work hard towards them. Interestingly, this is the case in all professions. Why single out entrepreneurship then? No reason to! You wonder what is it like to be an entrepreneur? This might help.

But then again- you are the author, munch-kin. You create your reality!

love and peace

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