• anon

    A perfect lover

    An apple ripens, a flower blooms and withers, water freezes and melts, wind comes to a standstill, wine becomes wholesome, a song becomes a memory, a kiss becomes softer with age. I have loved ‘perfect’ women, and they changed. And I changed. We didn’t know what perfect was anymore. I gravitate towards disarming dents, scars of war, fierce rage and undying thirst for what lies ahead. It’s an eternal all-consuming fire, as a person molts, breaking through her own past self. Few things matter. And she is far from perfect, she is flawed, she screams, she cries, she is afraid, she doubts, she loves with abandon, loyal to a fault,…

  • art by agnes-cecile

    My clumsy poetry

    I waited for you, expecting you to provide sanity amid all the insanity around. But you had things to do. And I gave in to the madness. And before I stopped waiting for you, I knew I had stopped waiting for myself. — Look around. A pretty face. And one more. Many more. A new fancy everyday. Whom would you kiss? Whom would you nibble at? Whose skin would you bite away and lick every naked crevice you can find as they shiver and surrender before the beast that you are. Whose hand would you hold? Whose eyes would you get lost into? Whose hair would you run your fingers…

  • devlina-padhye-frankaffe

    Devlina Padhye

    “When we first met and drew our first morning, I remember adding the grey of a mist, it was the riddle I sensed. But you drew a rainbow, it was a laughter of the day. Then I added a dark brew, for I knew you have layers. You sketched waves and unraveled with a smile. Further I probed with a burst of acrylic on canvas yet you insisted on watercolour, stressing that you are but a bubbling rivulet. But when I held you close while dancing on a Jazz vinyl, I knew I was holding a storm that has been tamed, an ocean contained, the art of centuries deciphered, a…

  • Sushrut Munje shares, on Frankaffe, a long poetry on the imagined traps, invisible walls, societal norms, societal definitions of being normal and being free.

    Madness Under the Starlight

    Under the starlight. Madness inside personified. Struggle inside. Music around asking me to open up. Transform. Pretty sights everywhere. Pretty sun. Pretty moon. Pretty stars. Pretty everything. Provoking the doubt. Provoking the boundaries which make me. Or rather, I think make me, me. The invisible wall which keeps me from leaping out.

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    About Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra

    Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK) is a social organization based in Aurangabad (Maharashtra), which works towards providing education to the children at underprivileged homes. My family has been sponsoring school education of multiple students since a decade, and they added one under my name a few years back.

  • Tamasha is Profound - Sushrut Munje - Frankaffe
    Books and Cinema,  Education

    Tamasha is Profound

    Tamasha (2015) Self actualization has been a favorite theme for film makers, for there is no stronger story than humans finding meaning to their existence. The realization is always subjective, for its based on individual perception. Thus every story is unique. Quite like the storyteller.