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    Pressure Tactics @ Multilevel Marketing Firms

    The Story Behind It All In this post, we will be discussing the psychological methods of pressurizing  a mind that refuses to see your point. I’ll be sticking to those individuals who get brainwashed- perhaps due to lack of self-confidence? Yes. Ever been stalked by living zombies of a multilevel marketing company? They will rant about how huge the company is, they will ramble about how good the products are, they will bore you into submission and reach out towards your cheques. These people are middle-class folks, with dreams of earning a better income, with a desperate desire to set things right now that half of their lives are done with. After 40-50…

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    Cause and Effect

    The same old story. We rejoice at the prospect of punishing the evil deed and shy away from working on the cause that brought about the incident to take place. Punishing and clamping down on 'effect' does not help. Working on the 'cause' does. You cannot hide the smoke once you light a fire. The best way is to make sure that the fire does not start again. And we, noble humans of a nobler society, fail to understand. Because we're being fools, being controlled by an apathetic minority who are leading us to utter doom.