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    Doing the Right Thing?

    This is an exercise in reflective writing, as advised by the UvA faculty teaching me advanced English / academic writing. My experiment in entrepreneurship has been a journey of self actualisation, rather than a pursuit of commercial enterprise. A persistent drive seemed to stem from the desire to manifest my understanding of the world. Young and naive that I was, this understanding faced pitfalls and harsh lessons. Despite steady evolution of my worldview, the journey stayed significantly spiritual and value-based, with my gaze firmly inwards. This is evident from the rationale behind some of my unilateral decisions, which had a direct financial impact on the company. Flawless yet Brittle I…

  • Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe what the movie Captain America - Civil War (and Martin Freeman) taught him about management, leadership and communication.
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    What Civil War Taught Me About Management

    I love watching movies, and the thrilling escape they offer into stories and characters made real. What grips me is the power of narration, and the strength of this visual medium to dictate how I feel. Words fall short to convey how my heart clenches while watching my favorite characters do something amazing on the screen. We often fail to notice, but brands have the power to create that fluttering moment inside us too. Winning Brands have been able to craft experiences for their customers, and that's resulted in Starbucks and Apple. All hail the storyteller who delivers these powerful stories. Thank you, Stan Lee, the courier guy.

  • Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe how the basic principles of Karma yoga be applied in business, and how the management lessons would help us be better at work.
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    Karma Yoga in Business

    Living the peaceful state of ‘Karma Yoga‘ would take you close to enlightenment. Mortals usually start with understanding the concept, understanding how certain aspects can be implemented in their daily lives and attempting to stay consistent with the effort. Everything is easier said than done, we are tested at every corner, and our lives go on, one after the other. What is Karma Yoga? <thank you, Wikipedia>¬†Karma Yoga, or the “discipline of action”[1] is a form of yoga based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit¬†scripture of Hinduism.[2] Of the three paths to realization, karma yoga is the process of achieving perfection in action. When an archer…

  • Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe what organizations and business leaders can learn on team management from Spotlight (2015), directed by Tom McCarthy.
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    Applying Spotlight Lessons in Management

    What makes a great cinema is the story, how it is told, the actors and the analogies you can infer - for no art is really relevant till you could perceive it from where you stand. Spotlight made for an impressive watch - for every scene was designed to matter. The method and discipline followed by the investigative team of journalists was an effort to be studied, and it would be helping entrepreneurs conduct their business better for sure.

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    The Hammer Problem

    Just like all personality types, the ‘Hammer’ (employer/employee) makes itself known in certain situations but stands out in an ugly way. This is when you are usually up against the wall, and our animal instinct asks us to choose between fight or flight. The obstinate ‘Hammer’ fights and how. You cannot reason with a Hammer. It has been forged with a single purpose of hammering nails in, pulling them out (if at all) and hammering them back in again. It will not listen, insist on its perspective, blame the other party (hammering) and proceed to care less about the consequences. The Hammer fails to notice the depth of the water,…