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    From Hammer and Mop to Sila

    Earlier this month, we merged Hammer and Mop into Mr. Homecare (a SILA company). The exit from Hammer and Mop was not planned - it happened in a matter of weeks, things simply fell into place and everything felt just right. After being at sea for 48 months, we're back on land and on an entirely new territory. And I'm grateful for how things have turned out.

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    Being Heroes for a Day

    Everything is momentary, all the successes and mistakes, though they leave a lasting impact. You're often so focused on the journey that it seems to exist in every moment. The psychological price of entrepreneurship is deadly, but only if we let it bog us down. The high of creation and team building is a force potent enough to keep driving the blues away. As David Bowie sings..

  • Books and Cinema

    What I Talk About When I Talk About Birdman

    What about Birdman? It was a carnival of utter madness (wild storytelling where things fly, things move on their own and you see day dreams happening), raw emotions (because good actors, good words and eyes) and a surreal flow (connected reality where the unexpected happens). We live around the protagonist, experience his inner voice, we feel his pain and seek his flight. A cinema on the life of a struggling artist need not make sense of regular reality. It doesn’t matter how we got here, for each day now seems irrelevant. It doesn’t matter where we go from here, for the grand future matters. And, of course, there is today.…

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    The Espresso Principle

    Writing as an expression usually happens when you are in a state of tension between point A and point B. There is a comfortable state, and one which you are then forced to occupy due to experiences or emotions. The state of being stretched between these two points causes unnatural unease, and a need to express in a way you know best. For writers, the prose and poetry then is just ejaculation. Making sense of what has happened. Mind is a funny place, and we end up perceiving our life story the way we believe. While that might be farther away from the ‘truth’ (what is truth but perception of…

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    What ‘The Imitation Game’ taught me about starting up.

    Possibly, one of the most enthralling and positively audacious movies I have seen in recent times. A bias might exist due to my fondness for war tales. The Imitation Game also leaves you with a slight melancholy considering how early the life of Alan Turing ended, and how sad (from our mortal perceptions), the lives of some geniuses have been. It doesn’t fail to inspire, of course, for it is a tale of great persistence and victory. Alan (brilliantly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a bit mad and as the Hatter insists- the best people always are. His entry into the story is low key, he starts as a first…

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    The Hammer Problem

    Just like all personality types, the ‘Hammer’ (employer/employee) makes itself known in certain situations but stands out in an ugly way. This is when you are usually up against the wall, and our animal instinct asks us to choose between fight or flight. The obstinate ‘Hammer’ fights and how. You cannot reason with a Hammer. It has been forged with a single purpose of hammering nails in, pulling them out (if at all) and hammering them back in again. It will not listen, insist on its perspective, blame the other party (hammering) and proceed to care less about the consequences. The Hammer fails to notice the depth of the water,…