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    The Adorable Insistence

    I seek the bright star, An insistent little tyke. Beyond anything I can describe. A gentle tug yet so convincing. It stands for everything tomorrow. It’s a passionate pursuit. My curiosity overwhelms. Mind struggles to paint the canvas. Yet imagines the vivid restless colours. Forget the jungle, it’s a mad mad flight. Not into the unknown for I have dreamt it all. I am drawn towards it, the tug is real. The adorable insistence doesn’t ebb. It stands for everything tomorrow. I simply follow, and fly. :)

  • S.R.Ranganathan
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    Did you know – #2

      He is known as the father of library science. The only reason I ever knew about S.R. Ranganathan’s existence is thanks to my wonderful tutor of ‘Knowledge management’ and an excellent mentor Diarmuid Pigott. The scholar that I am going to talk about today is known as S. R. Ranganathan to the world. His full name was Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan. He was a well known mathematician and librarian. Ranganathan is known to be the father of library science, documentation and information science in India. His contribution in the field of library science is one of the most fundamental ones and well-appreciated across the world. Ranganathan pursued his B.A. and…