• Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe how the art of translation helps in niche marketing, and positioning your product or service to a niche audience.
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    The Art of Translation for Niche Marketing

    Community leaders have spent valuable time and energy building a strong network of people of similar tastes or similar occupation. Communities are built when members find value in being together, and receive information that helps them be better than what they are. They trust the source (the community manager) and believe that the vested interests are only in creating win win. The community manager now has an opportunity to leverage this network to make money. Being the Bridge A person who has access to and trust of a niche audience (example: photographers, realtors, architects, doctors) enjoys the attention of marketers who seek to sell to this audience. This person is…

  • Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe, what it takes to build a good company, experiences at Hammer and Mop & SILA, and how Ben Horowitz inspires through his tales.
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    Building a Good Company

    Four years of building Hammer and Mop helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses, which helped with clarity in choosing my role at SILA. Lack of formal education prior to starting up had ensured that my mind is a blank slate, and my 'business education' involved rabid access to books, magazines and online media - everything that could help. It offered a good mix - for the books presented solid thoughts from thought leaders while the latest online content helped me stay updated with the trends. Hammer and Mop was an opportunity to experiment at the scale we were in, and we made most of it.

  • Sushrut Munje shares insights on how effective customer service means keeping the promises you make, being transparent, accountable and simply human.
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    Customer Service: The Talking Wall

    Dishonesty and shirking responsibility invites retribution, and no matter how much we hate it, we cannot blame customers using social media to shame the brand online - that's their only weapon. We need to use it for us, instead of suffering from it being used against us. Forget delight - even if you meet expectations, the word is going to spread. Everyone likes people who keep their word, who stand by their promises and deliver consistently. Everyone LOVES brands & companies who do that.

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    From Hammer and Mop to Sila

    Earlier this month, we merged Hammer and Mop into Mr. Homecare (a SILA company). The exit from Hammer and Mop was not planned - it happened in a matter of weeks, things simply fell into place and everything felt just right. After being at sea for 48 months, we're back on land and on an entirely new territory. And I'm grateful for how things have turned out.

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    All Those Imagined Hurdles

    “You will be tested at every corner,” she had stated as we sat discussing certain spiritual practices. For us simple humans living our daily lives, “success” seems elusive and is described as a path full of hardships. “Successful” people are described as those who kept at it with dogged persistence, yet we do not quite understand the struggle. Grass always seems greener on the other side. The Grand Battles Our lives are stories, and once we start telling our story to the world – there are elements of heroism, stark grit and sudden realizations. That’s how stories are told. The best parts are remembered, the worst parts are forgotten. Only…

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    The Startup Beast

    Few ideas see the light of the day, and fewer survive to make profits. Behind every founder’s bright grin is years of toil, focus and sheer grit. They have persevered without immediate financial returns, worked hard even when their teams almost lost heart and have stayed focused despite major setbacks. These are beasts who stay doggedly on the path they have chosen.