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    Ekta Shetty

    A stroopwafel never ceases to surprise me. Deliciously popular with its origin in my current city, yet I’ve never had one. Easy to miss the best things unless they dance in front of you wearing Dobby’s tea cosy. Syrup within the stiff dough, conflict between natural perception and reality, an ignorant soul won’t know what awaits him. Such complexity, yet it all melts when you keep it on a warm drink. A freezing Monday morning suddenly turns into a sunny Saturday afternoon. I met Ekta Shetty at work. She was an intern elsewhere, enthusiastic yet understated. Not a word out of place, composed and with a bright smile with a…

  • On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares why Dear Zindagi is quality cinema, and how Gauri Shinde communicates immense maturity of thought through subtle dialogue.
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    Dear Zindagi – my kind of a movie

    It is heartening to see the fair share of criticism Dear Zindagi is receiving, because the movie is making people probe and express their dissatisfaction - which is what it intends to do. There is nothing like negative feedback - it all helps us grow - and an art form is displayed to provoke, not to be praised. This is subtle cinema, and has done its job well.