• Sushrut Munje, on Frankaffe, equates revenue in a business venture to the monkey-cat tale from the Upanishads. An essay on business goals and priorities.
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    Revenue is a Monkey, not a Cat

    I have plucked the monkey & cat subjects from a Upanishads tale, which a dear friend and guide recently shared. What has me spellbound is how the analogy floats through business and life, as if the principles apply to everything everywhere. You cannot clap with one hand, you cannot have a disciplined life without a happy you and the happy people around you, you cannot have a successful business without a sincere you and happy customers. It's a joyous ride, and we better hold on tight :)

  • Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe how the art of translation helps in niche marketing, and positioning your product or service to a niche audience.
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    The Art of Translation for Niche Marketing

    Community leaders have spent valuable time and energy building a strong network of people of similar tastes or similar occupation. Communities are built when members find value in being together, and receive information that helps them be better than what they are. They trust the source (the community manager) and believe that the vested interests are only in creating win win. The community manager now has an opportunity to leverage this network to make money. Being the Bridge A person who has access to and trust of a niche audience (example: photographers, realtors, architects, doctors) enjoys the attention of marketers who seek to sell to this audience. This person is…