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    “Books choose you.”

    The context was not clear, perhaps the fact that I was holding a book which had somehow meant to land up in my lap aided the cause. Books work in mysterious ways, for they stack up on our beds, on our chairs and on our shelves. We reach for one in times of need, and right at that time, it seems to have all the answers. It smells just fine, and just the right amount of dust to dust off, like a teeny ceremony to celebrate the moment.

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    Books, Freedom & Inspiration

      Inspiration strikes us at crucial moments. And it is a good thing it does, because we may not know what would have happened had it not. Once inspired and thus motivated, you decide to take initial steps in the desired direction. You face challenges, tough prospects and green pastures but only after a few unclear paths. Some of you squeal and run away to the ‘safe’ highway. Some of you continue on the path and reach such glory that few highwaymen have ever dreamed of.   “Choice, is the key. And your Will, of course.”   Once you lose your motivation, everything seems a daunting task. You start questioning…

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    13 and yet no sense

    Yes sir. You read that right. And this book is one of the most interesting out there. I’ll just put up a very brief idea here. Because, sir, we live in a world of paradigms waiting to be shifted. We live in a world full of hardened beliefs waiting to be changed. Better start opening up minds now. The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not “Eureka!,” but “That’s funny…” -Isaac Asimov cheers