Sushrut Munje

About Sushrut Munje and his background as a writer, poet and an entrepreneur. Career spans Hammer and Mop, Mr. Homecare and SILA - real estate services.

Dropped out of grad school (instrumentation engineering) as a 19 year old in order to start up. Built Hammer and Mop ground up, established it as a leading player and a first mover in the nascent real estate services sector in Mumbai (India). Acqui-hired by SILA group of companies in 2015, joined them as group head of marketing and human resources. In 18 months, built teams and streamlined processes. Stepped out seeking hands on experience in online & offline retail, joined newly launched Indo-French label Eské as head of marketing and eCommerce for a 16 month project that involved organisational overhaul and infrastructure building across the board. As a passion project – co founded write for and edited Art Should Tempt (AST) – a slow living magazine and a community of creatives leading a cultural, entrepreneurial dialogue. Conducting AST interviews was a distinct pleasure.

Cross functional expertise in restructuring organisations and formulating strategies for better adaptation, smooth communication and agility. After 8 years of enriching and rewarding work experience, embraced academics again in 2018 at the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Business and Economics).

I have been writing since school, finding that to be my favourite form of expression – from ballads and the first heartbreak poems, to understanding management principles by sharing real life experiences and gradually delving deeper within to understand my emotions. Through the struggle of finding apt words, I allow myself to observe the tumultuous ocean inside, fiery and strong, yet calm and deep. I explore this fragile balance through my writings and through active listening, since I enjoy intimate conversations with fellow humans.

Writing is a welcome release.