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David Ritter said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

I recently had a wonderful conversation with Warren & Tana (Organization Unbound) and Tolulope Ilesanmi (Zenith Cleaners) regarding values, beliefs and the way to put them into action. We discussed employer-employee-client relationships and radical practises that make Zenith Cleaners so awesome an organization.

It has been a few months since I have been concerned regarding organic growth of my company, Hammer & Mop. My concerns were-

  • Communication
    How do we effectively communicate with the labour class, when the divide is so evident in India? Ignorance, lack of education and the attitude of the industry in general makes it worse.
  • Transformational Leadership
    How do we inspire individuals to be themselves in an organization where they are unsure of how important and unique they are? Brand ownership? How do personify the values our organization stands for?
  • Relationships & Competencies
    Do we cultivate relationships amongst employees? Do we play a part in recognizing competencies and assigning specific tasks?
  • Client Relationships
    What might be the best way to build lasting relationships with clients?

This discussion provided me with a fresh perspective to address the above concerns. While there are some things which we already practice, sharpening of the axe is essential. A few takeaways I’m going to munch on this weekend-

  • Freedom
    Give your employees freedom to be what they are. Once they have their space to explore within the organization and space to build relationships with the people they work with, it results in healthy organic growth.
  • Ask for Feedback
    Do not wait, do not presume. Ask for feedback- good or bad. Good customers care. That helps you care.
  • Start Caring. Really.
    Be open -> Share -> Have meaningful conversations -> “Be the embodiment of caring”
  • Experiences
    Focus on creating a meaningful experience for clients and employees alike. It helps keep the enthusiasm high.  

It is the human nature to love and care. It is for the business owners to bring out that characteristic and ensure that people lead better lives. Great organizations make a dent in the universe.

Coming Up!

A podcast by Tana & Warren from Organization Unbound, very soon.

love and peace

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