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snatches from ‘Perceptions Unveiled’

“We constantly find ourselves battered from the pressure of proving our worth and the need for ‘getting ahead’ in life.

Entrapped in the time prison, we cease to live in the present- always planning or worrying about the future. Think about it; most of the time is spent on wondering about the outcome of events over which you have little or no control of, or existing in the future events that we’re looking forward to. All the while, flushing out the present.

And what happens when we do land on the anticipated time period? We’d fret how things didn’t exactly work out the way as ‘planned’ and at the same time synthesizing the wrong lessons, eventually forming convictions which we so passionately defend. The magnitude of its vehemence proportional to the time invested. Bigotry seems to have them enchained to the core.

This, generally, lands in the experience of a person who are inclined to script almost every aspect of their lives.

Chanting: Life’s hard, complicated, unpleasant etc. I don’t know how easy it then becomes for these unfortunate people to understand ‘Life’ as they continue to drag on with it; but sure does set the right configuration for the younger lot, that follows, to inherit the legacy- of having a default hard mode of life.

The people we see around ourselves racing around haphazardly, once which I believed was an effect of healthy motivation is infact nothing but a fear-fuelled drive to an unknown destination. The fear of being unsuccessful, not being able to live upto someone else’s expectations, of being incompetent and the worst of all – the feeling of being unwanted.

It’s only the realization of truth that will deliver people from such agony.

If a seed is left to germinate on its own, undisturbed and unruffled, thrives to its culmination. Consistent meddling only tends to hamper growth, preventing its thoroughgoing development. Likewise, noticing the situation around us, we can gather jillions of intrusive elements hurtling in our direction which prevents us from realizing our true and complete expression.

What will others think/say of me? Would that be uncool? Would I seem ridiculous? What if they mock me?

And thus, we inadvertently allow others to have the power to influence our lives. Continually battling ourselves to project an image which we believe matters most. The complacence it offers is illusory in nature.

You don’t need other’s approval to feel good about yourself.

If people don’t acknowledge you for what you actually are, they don’t deserve your company. Solitude offers more comfort than that obtained from living a lie. Else life seems a compromise.

Moreover, mourning over your supposed misfortunes, just to garner attention and sympathy is undesirable. Smarter people, in their desperate attempt of humor, have the tendency to mock their miseries while still holding hands with it.

The bizarre status quotes that furnish on facebook during the exam period clearly illustrates this.

If there is something one needs to understand is that miseries are no joke; the only mockery that remains is that of a person who continues to live with it. It takes courage to shatter the artificial shell and give way for your true self to emerge.

You have every right to unfold to your whole expression.

Unleashing the unwavering spirits that once held you high.

Embrace yourself and be the child you once were: living in a world that has no boundaries or restraints of any sort. A world where anything is realizable. Whenever we observe a child, we look at a reservoir of endless possibilities- the nondiscriminatory discretion, demeanor unfettered and innocence that’s priceless.

I’d like you to rediscover that facet and liberate yourself.”

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