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Revering Muliebrity


I had recently encountered this written matter which so wonderfully puts together the essence of womenhood that I couldn’t help but share this:


“Few people understand the rhythms of life more than women. Women live their whole lives by rhythm. They are in rhythm with life itself.


Women are more able to “go with the flow” than men. Men want to push, pull, resist, direct the flow. Women experience it- then mold it with it to produce harmony.


A women hears the melody of flowers in the wind. She sees the beauty of the Unseen. She feels the tugs and pulls and urges of life. She knows when it is time to run, and time to rest; time to laugh and time to cry; time to hold on and time to let go.


Most women leave their bodies gracefully. Most men fight the departure. Women treat their bodies more gracefully when they are in them, too. Men treat their bodies horribly. That is the same way they treat life.



I am speaking in the broadest terms.But if you look at life, if you admit to yourself what you are seeing, have seen, if you acknowledge what is so, you may find truth in this generality.”


– taken from CWG (book-2)

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