Pressure Tactics @ Multilevel Marketing Firms

The Story Behind It All

In this post, we will be discussing the psychological methods of pressurizing  a mind that refuses to see your point. I’ll be sticking to those individuals who get brainwashed- perhaps due to lack of self-confidence? Yes.

Ever been stalked by living zombies of a multilevel marketing company? They will rant about how huge the company is, they will ramble about how good the products are, they will bore you into submission and reach out towards your cheques. These people are middle-class folks, with dreams of earning a better income, with a desperate desire to set things right now that half of their lives are done with. After 40-50 years of doing what their parents had asked them to do, these guys wake up, look around and go towards the first source of light in the dark. What now?

Well, the multilevel marketing company knows how to deal with these bugs. The Founders are multimillionaires and they need to expand their wealth. The best way is to reach out to the masses and devise a system where masses feel they are being offered a solution. Masses are stupid, masses are desperate and masses are like a herd. They do what the coolest person in the playground does. After a hardship-filled life struggling with money, the coolest person for them is someone like them but with heck loads of monies. What now?

This bunch of living zombies realize that the existing system is not working. However, they look for ‘safe’ alternatives to their ‘safe’ lifestyle. They are afraid to create definitions, they are afraid to be proven wrong. They look for safe paths and these huge companies are only too happy to create one for them, an illusory path of brilliance and enlightenment. And the sheep simply walk on, never knowing that they are feeding the same Consumerism giant that created their earlier system in the first place.

At times, the products are good. The system is good too, if you have an option to simply keep your head instead of the brainwashing material (CDs and books) they throw at you. Oh yes, the company gives you audio books, they give you reading material so you can ‘open up your mind to new possibilities’, so that you can ‘free your mind and be financially free’ and what bloody not. Frankly, the company does what it requires for it to survive.

Where Does The Problem Lie?

The target consumers are not differentiated. The most delicious meal is of course the consumer who can be brainwashed. But there is a potent minority that can simply turn the tables. This category remains to be differentiated. As a result, same treatment is meted out to smarter people and that pisses them off. They are often asked to go through ‘unlearning’ sessions when they do not need to go through the silly things. They are asked to be a part of stupid meetings when they realize that the attendees are simply improved versions of the ape kind. Why then, are they present among the sub-sheep-humans, they often wonder.

When They Knock At Your Door

Oh yes, they come knocking at your door. They expect you to be the same sheep-human that they ‘were, once upon a time’. They claim that ‘this magnificent company saved them from the jaws of extreme versions of capitalism and now they have mastered their fears’. What the fag, dear guys. They are never good listeners, because they have never been taught to listen. They speak and they feel they are talking sense. Pathetic excuse of a life, I tell you. And then they sit on your heads, invading your privacy, asking you to go through the ‘inspirational’ material so you might get enlightened as well.

No thanks, sheep people. I’m happy the way I am.

If I want monies, I will do it my own way.

I’ll use the multilevel marketing methods, but will NOT use the silly literature.

I’ll go along with the awesome firms but NOT with your silly one.

Let weirdos like me, simply be. Shoo.



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