Poetry Snippets #2

Almost all my poems encapsulated in these 2 posts. I’m a free thinker these days. Working on projects I believe in, working with people I believe in and realizing that ‘love’ is the solution to everything. I have not known happiness as I know it now. And I know that this is simply going to get better with time. I’ll build my own reality. Like we all do.

Life is being conscious. It is neither a stage nor a game you play. Life is what you experience, what you recollect and what you perceive. We need to be aware of the situation that arises around us. Everything has a reason- nothing ever is accidental or coincidental. And we need to understand what the Universe is offering us in that given moment in space. Sounds ‘philosophically impractical’? Well dearies, it is as practical as it can get.

Do I believe in God, now? I do not have an answer to this question. Our definitions differ. I may say yes and you might perceive that I believe in your concept of a Supreme Being. I might say no and you start considering me an atheist. I prefer to live, experience, create, build and love. That is Life and that is God for me, perhaps. I prefer not using words to discuss something so personal, so beautiful and so divine. When we live every moment of our lives, we realize that time is but an illusion.

“I am blessed to be in this world with all its mirth and rapture.”

Back to the old café
Back to the old path
Down the old buildings
That wind by the sea
That wind in her hair
Hair across her face
Hair across her smile
And I melt.

From That Old Café

The words are but a jumble
But the laugh, a merry rivulet.
I know her warmth,
I feel her warmth,
Red, like a kiss.
Red, like Mars.
Mars shines bright tonight.

From Mars Is Bright

The dance of two souls
Together, in a union,
Inseparable, the rhythm,
Of pure pleasure,
Of spirit, of mind.

From O(rgasm)

Let us ponder over the sanctity of our Blue surroundings.
What makes it Blue?
Blue thoughts, Blue visitors,
Blue stick-ons and Blue memories.
If it’s got a Blue past
And if that’s the color we like,
it’s Blue for life.

From The Red Window

The old lady wanted a smile.
She had lost hers on the way.
I gave her one.
And she was back on the road..

From The Old Lady

Easy to wave off the Blue Sky
Not easy to light a candle in the dark..
Can I sell you my worthless poetry?
Can I sell you my incompetence?
Incompetence, only if there is any.
Can I sell you my arrogance again?

From Can I Sell You The Road?

Anarchy of Thoughts in the Void of Silence

From Anarchy

A lit Lamp in a Dark room
with a Single window
Open to the moonlit Sky
Open to the curious Wind
Which enters but never leaves.

From The Wait

You live at the place you sit
You love at the place you sit
You die at the place you sit

From The Place We Sit

Dusk almost far behind
will be the Dawn of the yonder peaks.
Light of the Moon
Shall come from the Sun itself.
The world is round
For the feet of those who believe.

From The World Is Round

Almighty, make me yours
I have nothing to fear
Death brings no despair
For I’ve made love to the Wind.

From The Wind Is Mine

love and peace

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