“Playing a Chopin”

Who Plays Who?

“I just played a Chopin to a piano.”

And I could do nothing about it. Surprise and Realization were two things I experienced during the conversation but then, that is the way they exist. That is ‘life’ for many many people around us.

This is about a guy I met. Belonging to a self confessed low-education background with experience in real estate matters. He had faced trying situations, and this was decipherable from the manner he carried himself. This was decipherable from the things he told me. The things that brought a sense of mild haughtiness to his tone.

We talked about my work and we talked about his. I told him of my education background and the failure on my part to understand system’s authority. He didn’t understand me and let it be. We changed topics.

‘Creating Value’ was something that, again, absolutely flew over his head. He stressed on moving on to huge projects that promise high returns. What of the niche market? Who has ever been successful there? No one, he said. No one yet, I added. He failed to comprehend. It shone in his eyes. He changed topics again.

This time we talked about people and the things they do for a living or otherwise. ‘Money’ seemed the cause of everything. If there was no money involved, he wouldn’t do it. And it was all about money for him and the way things are. His clients didn’t matter to him nor did anything else.

I understood him and the society from which he came from. And I knew the one I came from well. With parents comfortably working and my sibling so well settled, it was beyond his imagination of me doing what I do.

Indian society has been ravaged and massacred into many classes. There is a thick layer of people for whom life presents a very bleak picture. For them, it is a harsh, unfriendly and a painful world. It is a struggle for money. Without it, they are not allowed to have the most basic of resources.

We understand ‘Value’ and the bigger picture. They do not. And it is very difficult for the entire world to grasp the bigger picture of things as long as we keep on discriminating the population. Capitalism says that losers are the results of the system. What can be the reason of installing such a system in the first place?

A being is a piano. And it fails to understand that Chopin played ‘it’ to play a masterpiece. When we play a Chopin, we play the piano. The piano listens, fails to understand that it makes a difference. It is blinded by the falseness that says it cant play itself.

There is something seriously wrong with the world today.

And it is high time we fix it.

love and peace

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