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“Piyah Baanwri Albeli”


‘Piyah Baanwri Albeli’ is a creative experimentation celebrating the Avtars of Women, today. We have used our ‘Chalk n’ Charcoal Technique’ as the creative concept of the video and played with same color subject + background. Of course, the experiment was absolute fun, and worth it. We have also made a few more video-graphics improvising on the same semi-animation technique. We are happy to learn that our music video is being loved by people across the globe.

Directors Take:
Namashkaar! I am Rohit Valecha, a freelance short film maker currently based in Pune. I’m the founder of an independent short film production – company ‘DYNAMYC Productions’ and post production studio, ‘DYNAMYC Studios’. We are a creative non- profit organization aiming at producing short films, documentaries and music videos at small budgets with minimal resources, of which ‘Piyah Baanwri Albeli’ was one of its ventures. I am also a Music Director and have composed alternative music on various genres. I never really had a formal training in either Direction, or Film Making. I immensely admire the works of contemporary filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Onir, Sudhir Mishra and Dibaker Banerjee. I am also inspired by the gutsy works of Christopher Nolan, James Cameron etc. among other international filmmakers.


|| Piyah Baanwri Albeli ||


Concept – Art – Direction – Editing:
Rohit Valecha

Screenplay – Cameras:
Maniesh Menghani


Copyrights Reserved: DYN©

1. National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai.
2. Uniting Youth 4 Films, Bengaluru. Hearty thanks to all!

The music video is critically acclaimed by experts from the industry.
The director has also been awarded as the Best Director of the Month (June’11) by ‘Student Film Makers of Inda’

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