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Partners are what Partners do



You need a business partner for numerous reasons. A dedicated partner helps you with providing  another perspective on things, rather than pushing his/her own disregarding your own. A partner complements your skills and thought processes and this results in a good startup environment.

Do I have the good ones around me? Hell yes.

Partners bash each other up?

No, they do not. Arguments or discussion regarding conflicting views (not interests) might get heated once in a while. People might get insistent with their way of things. But the conclusion is always mutually beneficial. And basically in the best interests of the organization. Understand that your partner is there to help you out, not always in the way you like. You are a human and you make mistakes. A partner helps you mend them, in his own way.

What about my ego?

Fry it on a good saucepan and bury it among the pumpkins. Things happen for a reason, and the reason is best known. When discussing work, good partners and handpicked employees often keep the firm’s interests before their own. Ego has no place on the table then. It clouds your thinking and judgement. It confuses the true essence of the conversations and you end up being no where.

Delegation issues?

Divide specific jobs among yourselves and make joint decisions on strategies. Keep conversations open and respect each other. Be frank and be truthful. It is your organization and it will be what you make of it. A company’s culture is determined by the everyday behavior of employees and the management. It can then be documented.

Critical situations might result in a confused Founder or a reluctant Doer. Even the fellow who is most likely to jump first in many scenarios gets cold feet during some. That is when a gentle push, a reminder is needed to get things on track. It might not be a personality trait, complacence or an inhibited psychological problem. It is nothing but a momentary lapse of better judgement. Get a business partner to have your back during bad weather.

Always better to create your own reality.

As my partner puts it- “Inveniet viam, aut faciet.


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