Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and the Mighty Blue Ocean

The sky gently opens up

a patient ocean – mighty and silent

The music takes over its unending length, width and depth

echoing and making the powerful presence felt

That is what I see when He sings.

Through the passage of melodious time

there is a stubborn stirring of the heavy clouds

and of the water columns below

Oh yes they love their sea-beds alright

But now they want to take on the sky

That is what I feel when He sings.

The carnival is now at its peak

For the waves rise high above, high above

Attempting to latch on to the divine air

The mighty blue ocean splashed around, a restive force

The ocean is churned, the sky beholds

The light of the steadiest rhapsody!

And soon it is, as it was, a truly beautiful world.

Silent and at Peace again.

With Almighty present within us all.

That is what I believe when He sings.

A tribute to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. You are divine, sir.


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