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On-Site Brains. Required?

We need to train them, right?

If you are into a service business, you have employees who are out there on the field/site, interacting with your customers. You usually have processes in place to handle specific complaints and concerns. The employees are aptly trained to handle queries and manage the processes. Supervisors are in place to help out the employees who might get into tough situations.

On-Site Brains

Of course, you need smart employees to work for you. But do you need them to take decisions while on the job? Do you want them to question the customer? Do you want them to have brains for a perfectly mechanical job situation as the Utopian job environment asks for?

Why Is It Not Cool

The employee comes up with questions of his own accord. Often, the customer is in talks with the top management and expects the on-site employee to simply do his job of checking/pick-up/servicing/delivery without questions and raised eyebrows. It is not the place of the technician/driver/attendant to assess the site situation, it is the responsibility of the bosses. It is not for him/her to talk directly to the customer. That is not how such service delivery businesses work.

Not Required

On-Site brains are not required for the people who do the work. Interaction is best left to systems and processes and the right people who are accountable. A customer is king and should be treated like one. The service, especially in his presence, should be awe-worthy and quiet. Minimum hassles is the key to customer satisfaction. Happier customers results in Happier business owners.

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