On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje discusses how a long vacation made him write a short commentary on flitting thoughts and the tenderness of a subtle new love.
On Management

On how it ebbs

On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje discusses how a long vacation made him write a short commentary on flitting thoughts and the tenderness of a subtle new love.
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Throughout the course of the last few years, it has never ceased to amaze me how human beings express their innate self through various forms. The essence of your core being comes out through the words you choose, the gaze you offer, the tone of your speech, how your body moves, the flow of your writing and the colors you paint. We express, and we express with all abandon. We communicate and take it all in as well, often missing out the volumes being spoken.

And since we are social animals, our beliefs are pushed out into the immediate world we live in. From the hesitance behind making the first move to the way we raise our children, the opacity varies yet shapes our thinking beyond imagination.

On burning out

I took off on a long vacation recently, and I’m glad it happened, for I was on the verge of burning out. From being responsible for everything that’s happening, to being responsible for a precious few responsibilities has been a major change. Switching sides on the table has been the best thing ever, but never realized it might make me restless at times.

The need to reinvent and redesign for the better, is at the core of my work belief. The welcome break allowed me to have a re look at the projects at hand, my own goals and how to ensure better alignment. It involves pushing myself out of the comfort zone at every possible opportunity and trusting my gut. Easier said than done.

On weak knees

I have been enamored by a mind that yields honest and solid design, creates art which stands and simply is, unapologetic, with utmost clarity. I am still lost in the comfort of a sunny morning, a steady gaze, and the audacity of uncovered skin. I remember having been left speechless with a thunderstorm and ebbing tide, which emptied a filled canal under the moonlight. Permanency is a myth, and change is the only constant.

It is only human to indulge. It is only human to understand the difference between a gargling stream and an ocean that stirs at its depths. Both have the joys of their own, a language of their own, a dance to behold. The thrill of a forbidden espresso.

On life, in general

“Clarity on all fronts is desirable,” I had written as an 18 year old, having set on an unknown path then, being sure of only what was undesirable. Life has now come together, tightly bound with all the experiences. More so, because the way we feel inside is how we end up living our life on the outside.

As I’m being cracked open from an older shell and moving towards bigger things, fondness for the status quo and the rocks I tread is stubborn. “You climb, the rocks don’t,” is an essential lesson to bear in mind. And the moment that sinks in, my fondness for the pinkish tinge around becomes dense. It’s funny how an ebbing tide leaves a naked seabed behind, and comes in again with gushing passion. A brand new day.

Life continues to teach me ways to express, ways to work and ways to love. I sit, and feast.

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