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Of Davids & Goliaths

The analogy fits everywhere. However, do understand that contemporary Davids and Goliaths need not be against each other.

In the business ecosystem, established corporates are the Goliaths while budding entrepreneurs can be termed as Davids. Their existence, is natural. In case of a conflict, the giants wage a ruthless war against the tiny budding enterprises thus buying them out or defeating them in competition. This, owing to huge stash of funds, manpower and influence the established organizations can boast of.

Davis & Goliaths can co-exist too, in a world that is more peaceful, an exciting and thriving economy with underlined boundaries. The Giants do their work and allow young Men to mushroom up and help them resulting in symbiotic relationships. This is fruitful.

Davids can prance around happily only if Goliaths allow them to. We cannot ignore this fact.

What happens if Goliaths find power and control to be a good thing to have and thus start abusing it? It leads to the kind of world we live in today, where a handful of powerful families control the entire planet & its resources, aptly employing the subjective brilliance of the monetary system and creating artificial scarcity as and when they see it fit. World today, is like a pyramid. People who form the tip control the entire structure beneath it. Without most of the population even knowing it.

Tip that Controls Us

And this has been going on since a long time. Indians realized it, the French did and so did the Americans (among many others). This realization resulted in a revolt. Many such revolts across the world came to a bloody end, where those in power crushed the protesting masses- like the Chinese did in 1989. At some places, the protest led to ‘freedom’ (as in the case of USA & India), that included ‘transfer of power’ from one party to the other. And the world returned to square one.

Problem was not with the people who ruled, the world is slowly realizing. The problem was with the system itself- that enabled a ‘body of people’ to ‘rule’. It is like punishing a convict but not changing the society that created a criminal, in the first place.

So what can we do about it? Revolt again and cause a shift in power? Not the best way to go about it for sure. Revolt is a form of Opposition. When we oppose, we resist. Resistance results in pain. And the crude form of protests result in nothing truly fruitful. Opposition (thus, direct Resistance) results in a conflict of Interests, Ideas & Belief Systems. Any form of conflict is counter-productive.

We see that we should avoid conflict. The best way to insert a wooden plank in flowing water is to slide it slowly, diagonally, in the direction of the flow. Let it touch the water bed, and fix it there. This ensures minimal resistance from the water at the start. This ensures firm establishment of the wooden plank in between flowing water.

Analogy: Slowly introduce thought systems into already-existing belief systems and cause the change. Aggressively opposing the current world order can be disastrous. Always better to take it slowly yet firmly.

Be a part of the system, build influence and turn the system around to everyone’s benefit. And if the situation is life-threatening, always remember The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Extra Terrestrial invaders, on the verge of totally exterminating human beings, are killed by the micro organisms of the planet. This, because the invaders never thought it necessary to build an immunity against these tiny fellows. We humans, on the other hand, had struggled for generations to become immune against these threats and had earned a right to live on the top of the Food Pyramid, on Earth.

This throws a light on two things:

  1. No one has the right to simply come and overthrow the leading entity in any existing ecosystem. No one has the right to do so, until and unless they do complete research and carry out required procedures against any perceived threats.
  2. Had the E.T. Invaders been cautious about microbes, they’d have won over the planet. They did not, and they died. Make sure your competitors underestimate you.  Works wonders.

Understanding that we are Davids wanting to survive against a team of efficient Goliaths (who really know what they want and are quite good at it), our first step is to be aware. We ought to understand how their system works and make most of the loopholes in it.

We infiltrate, gain trust and decisively turn the whole thing around. Like a Trojan Horse.

It is of course, easier said than done. For people who get used to tasting power so close often go on over to the other side. This is a slow yet sure process which will take a couple of generations. But it is one way we can create something better. Like Jacque Fresco, the man behind The Venus Project, so famously said in the latest Zeitgeist movie– “This shit’s gotta go.”

Agreeing with me & other like-minded individuals will not be enough.

Believing in yourself is the first thing you can do.

And everything begins with love. :)

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