Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe his understanding of the Karma cycles, Moksha and Meera's haunting smile. Inspired by Bhajan: Kafi - Pag Ghungroo
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Meera’s Haunting Smile

The fact that our life is but a perception is the core of ancient wisdom – often dismissed and sneered upon by many – but understood in essence by many as well. Everything is easier said than done, of course. Despite knowing the direction, we falter, thus dividing our reality into ‘practical’ and ‘ideal’. The distinction is convenient, for we respect the wisdom but justify our human way of life, thus stuck in karma cycles.

Meera danced away as the music played, music only she could feel, enveloping her with ecstasy, she danced and danced and danced as the world looked on, bewildered and deaf and blind to her summons, her madness lost on mere mortals and she rode her dreams into the heavens. Meera was one with the divine, and it was beyond world’s comprehension. We are usually scared of the unknown and seek to put an end to it, often not realising how unwise our actions are. Meera was offered poison and she sipped at it with a haunting smile.

Knowing the ways of the world and understanding Moksha, Meera knew that death is anything but the end. It is the next big adventure. The karma cycles flow on, body changes, the soul remains eternal, learning one lesson until another till peace is achieved. Meera knew that every experience is the manifestation of thoughts. Every flitting emotion connects to the bigger, the only, picture. She knew that the escape from the stifling life she led had to mean death. When it came, she embraced it with love.

By conditioning, we fear death, the perceived end. For Meera, it was a release, sweet freedom, living eternal peace. How we lead our lives is based on our beliefs, our value systems, our decisions and the perceptions backing them. There is no black and white, there is only grey, with a choice. There is always a choice, always a pill to choose for Neo. If we believe in our power to bring our thoughts to reality, we would find strength to smile Meera’s smile.

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