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On the crude pages of the flirting life,
lie some thumbprints
of a moment’s poetry.

In the indulgence of this breath,
are breathed,
some sublime clouds of beyond-life.

Somewhere in the girth
of this incidental existence,
lies a pearl
of perfect anonymity,
that smears its manifestations
in the misty catacombs of abstraction.
and in the definite heart-throb of the concrete.

And thus,
my being is thrilled,
with the joy
that erupts in the birth of creation…
When the diligence of craft,
meets the spontaneity of art…


(First published in the Inspired by Tagore commemorative book)


  • kavya

    Well, you can say that. I’ve been highly inspired by Tagore since the time I was gifted with Geetanjali by my grandfather. I read Inspired by Tagore to know how people perceive Tagore’s writings. I read your blog ‘Downpour’ as well. And I am truly impressed, Sarvesh. All the best!!

  • Sarvesh Kulkarni

    Yes, good to know that! Tagore has been influential for me as well. Even I have a memory of having the Geetanjali for the first time. I wanted it badly, and dad bought one for me. Geetanjali was something that changed my entire perspective about poems and my perception about beauty. For me, it is the single-most influential piece of work in the annals of literature. It teaches you to let go of rhymes and technicalities, and let the true character of your thoughts flow. :)

  • kavya

    You are so right. To possess Geetanjali is wonderful. But i try too hard to not get influenced completely. I want to write something which has a character of its own. And shouldn’t seem like a corollary to Tagore’s work. The exact thing which strikes in your writings.

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