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I live in Western Australia in suburban areas of Perth. I am lucky enough to live in a fairly unpopulated coastal city that has not only gorgeous beaches, but also amazing banks of Swan/Canning river! Since I work indoors on weekdays (though my workplace has stunning view of  the riverside), I prefer my week-ends to be outdoors. Outdoors with a camera of course! Here is a tiny part of gorgeous Perth off my way. It gets better as you go further down south. Spring and Summer are approaching and I am all up and ready for week-end road-trips. As I travel more, I will capture more of this beauty and share it. 

The city of Perth –  Captured from South Perth riverbanks

The city of Perth











Silhouette – Captured in City centre near Art Gallery and Museum












A winter evening – Sunset at Hilarys boating harbour











An evening poetry – Just a gorgeous evening captured on a Sunday

An evening poetry











Untold Stories – Bank of Canning river











Droplets – Anyone who thinks an individual can’t make a difference clearly hasn’t noticed what the ocean is made of! (Captured at Mandurah beach)












Hilarys Boating Harbour – A typical Sunday at Hilarys

Hilarys Boat Harbour












Castle of love – Spotted at Mandurah beach. The moment I saw it I knew what it was – Castle of love!

Castle of love

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