Joel and Maggie Bear

Kind morning, full of love.

I cannot begin to describe the skies here.
Vast and endless, hues turning to blue and darker right above.
It is a new painting everyday, a new photograph, how many to capture?
It is a new limerick, a new rhyme and new pair of words.
It is a new face everyday, a new wrinkle and a newish smile.
This city gives me a new morning everyday,
Below these vast and endless and ever so blue skies.

Today morning, I woke up in the mist
All around me, to the left and right, above and below.
And the sun lay right there, floating, as if
Daytime, I suppose, but what of the mist?
These dreamy milky love-filled swirls?

The skies do not make one feel little, for we are not.
But they are just so vast and endless and blue and all around us.
Then we see a bird flying past high above
Then we see an airplane of man’s making flying higher.
We seem to have explored all heights.

It is cold today as I brew my first pot of coffee.
Cold, because I let the air in. “Let me breathe you in,” I said.
Shuffling around in pyjamas, I smile at the sun. It floats and glows.
Seductive morning. The one I would make love to.
The one I would caress.

Kind morning, full of love. Asks me to build.
To let go of fear. To simply be.

Then runs an erogenous finger where it should run and,
Lays over me, wet and throbbing, like a Sunday blanket.
Whispers into my ear and nibbles away the old bits.

Kind morning, full of love.
Unwinds the tightest knots and lets me be.

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