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“Kahani Youth Youth Kii”


Song Credits:

Composed By: ‘Dynamyte’ in collaboration with Ratnadeep Bansode.
Vocals: Ratnadeep Bansode
Backing Vocals: Jiny Koshi
Lyrics: Gaurav H. Peswani; Rohit N. Valecha
Recorded at: BBROS Studio



Editing and Compiling: Ayush Anand
Concept and Cameras: Rohit N. Valecha; Maniesh Menghani
Choreography: Ashish Singh K.


About Ratnadeep Bansode:

Ratnadeep Bansode is an aspiring music director, an ace guitarist and a sound mixing and mastering engineer. At ‘BBROS STUDIO’, he along with his brother, Rahul Bansode work on their audio projects. He has been composing original sound tracks and has also been a pioneer of a music ensemble. He is now working on a semi-animation film for which he will compose the background score and sound tracks.


About ‘Dynamyte’:

DYN is a multi-oriented organization. DYN Bandage, creates and produces music.

The ensemble has created many inspirational and conceptual music pieces.

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