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There are times when we find ourselves stagnant, unable to make a decision or choose; owing to the invariable habit of predicting the result of every action we take, with all its extent of the outcome and possibilities. This tendency is the mother of inaction which has killed countless ideas and arrested several concepts from ever taking substance. Lack of clear direction or having multiple unrelated goals can bring in such a situation.

The initiative might not see the light of the day when we virtually play the whole process in our minds and determine its fate. Our understanding will have its limit and the assumptions made may not count, if information on the subject is inadequate. Therefore, the first thing to be assessed is not the feasibility- but the intentionality underneath the initiative, movement or an enterprise. Clear, distinct and straight-forward motives accelerate the process. It sustains the vision in the mind of all the participants associated with it. Feasibility catches up with a strong-willed intention. Feasibility relates with the navigation but intentionality is about the destination.

Feasibility would ask ‘how?’ but intentionality asks ‘why?’

The Market is flooding with how-to formulas to do just about anything in life. So how come lesser number of people seem to realize their envisioned dream. The difference in actualizing our vision and not, is hence the strength of our intention. We might be stuck with countless reasons to not act (often quoting,’but how?’) But it takes just one ginormous ‘why’ to propel forward and make way for the ‘hows.’ You’ll always settle for an easier ‘how’ if you don’t have a compelling ‘why.’

This is what we might want to ask ourselves- how strongly we feel about our intentions associated with our dream? Is our intention borrowed under someone else’s influence? Is it truly our real intention which we claim it is or does it have a different motive? Does it waiver in the light of other’s opinion or stays just as strong?

The answer to these questions can allow us to assess our ways and differentiate between the actual direction from the intended one.

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