Upstream Colour



[written in April’11, uploaded in October’13]

Different shades of mind yet a common tone covering them all. To the slightest feeling of insecurity within to the joy you feel when you love- it is all in the mind and you know it. And it is hard to believe and accept, yes.

The people you meet, the ideas you thrive on and the journeys you set on- they help build you. You feel that the distance is great and the road is dark. When you reach the destination, the past does not seem all that complicated. You live in moments. It is never a long-drawn time period, this thing we call ‘life’. It is difficult to look at it all together. It is so darn big, so wondrous and so very full of numerous emotions at every single moment we have lived.

Every realization hits with a pastel shade of indigo. I’m hit by a mystic powerful aura and that’s the spectrum I live in for moments together. Now again- that’s one moment and we know it. It results in reactions from our side and that builds up our life, does it not?

Taking some time out of our busy schedule is often worth it. But is it really, when you ponder over the probable irrelevant nature of our material comforts? We meditate and soon return to the stress of our activities. We revel in them, think and multi-task. We exhaust and assault our mind, under the belief that these activities of our daily routine are meant to make our lives more meaningful. We believe in and create a complicated structure called ‘society’ and we live our ‘practical’ lives. All this while ignoring the ‘practical’ truth of making your daily golf and Gucci bags so much more meaningful. We call it forgotten madness and live in modern hysteria. So much for the noble human race, I tell you.

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