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In my earlier post on a more or less same topic, An Indian Irony, I had touched upon the topic of apathy and corruption in this huge nation of ours. The core mindset remains that of apathy, complacence and ignorance to change. The population prefers the snug comfort of an old sofa even when the world is falling apart outside. Why so? Because most of those billion individuals feel that they cannot make a difference alone. And they have, perhaps, no idea whatsoever of methods that will lead to a united front. Sad. Really.

The Slow and ‘Mighty’ Elephant

I’ve been going through articles by The Economist since a few months. They occasionally touch upon the state of Indian politics, economy and foreign policies- not with an air of arrogance but with lip-biting accuracy. They are frank, well-informed and precise in their statements. They do not mince words while voicing out their opinion. I wonder whether our ruling class reads.

The ‘mighty’ elephant has always been slow on the uptake. Slow to realize the required policies, slow to predict how corruption can effectively erode the nation’s coffers, slow to modernize the armed forces, slow to start being good to our neighbors and slow enough to realize when hostile elements sneak across the borders to kill innocents.

Blaming the Ruling Class & Corruption

Blaming the ruling class (the dynastic political party and public servants) does not solve our problems. For it is we, the people, who are to blame in the first place. No, the issue of ‘ballot’ does not arise. The issue of apathy and our lack of willingness to be a part of the entire system does.

Corruption, as we have discussed earlier, is a byproduct of a general mindset. Offering ‘incentive’ is one of the most natural ways of increasing productivity. In case of inefficiency in the system, offering cash/property incentives naturally leads to a better work done. If those incentives (tagged as ‘corruption’) lead to some sort of efficient results, the methods are bound to spread. So rather than dreaming of a non-corrupt Utopia with ideal beings, it is better to systematize the processes and make them well-oiled, predictable and swift. In one word- ‘efficient’.

Being a Part of the System

It is best to understand how a system works, in the first place, to be a part of it. Interestingly, being a part of one is the easiest thing ever known to mankind. Mainly because we have been doing it all this while without knowing that we have been doing it all this while. Fun.

We had discussed earlier about a flat world and abolishing the pyramidal structure of the society. I confess, the thought is Utopian and might take a few generations to be implemented, if at all. Being a part of the system is basically knowing your place in the pyramid. So if your ambition is to be a political leader, be one. That is your place. If you want to be a farmer, be one. That then, is your place. When each and every individual plays that role like he is supposed to, a well-oiled and a well-managed society is formed.

The relationship between the sections is as Top-Down as it is Bottom-Up. They are inter-dependent and are supposed to complement each other. Every professor is supposed to do his job well. Every student is supposed to implement the things they teach in school. Every cobbler is supposed to make good shoes while the postman is supposed to be sincere as well. If this seems idealistic to you, dwell upon the fact that this is the easiest thing one can ever do. Being oneself, being good- being human. Humans find it best to love. #truestory

If each one of us is aware and educated with the right things, efficiency will seep into the system like the mighty flood. No major changes, no entry in the politics for everyone, no campaigns and no fasts. We simply do what we are doing the right way and things will change for good.

Humans are Influential

Yes, each one of  us is. We are suckers for company, suckers for others’ opinions and suckers for leaders. That is the reason leaders can lead in the first place. We influence others by the simplest of actions. Ponder and you will understand. Now, if every individual influences those around him- in any language or gestures- change is bound to occur. For the transformation does not include change in beliefs, thought-systems and traditions. The transformation is not even a transformation if clarity in your head persists.

It is simply- being what you are and doing what you do. In a good way.

Screwed Up Scenario

Changing the current screwed-up scenario of our nation is not a 5-year job. It is a decade-long exercise for sure. The country is going to the pigeons thanks to incompetence. And things can be set right, if the good people take charge. And it is our job to make sure that we lend a helping hand.

love and peace


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