In Blooming Haze


You know what you desire, but often not how to get there. Doubt and fear are quick to fog along, when you find yourself alone in your journey. Its easy to be discouraged on occasions when you share your vision and its perceived as vague. The thing that fuels your drive is your belief held by Mr Faith Unshakeable. I would like to reflect on the realization of such a journey.

A lot of factors are at play, when it comes to shaping our perspectives. And it can be enormously difficult to realize the boundaries that our views can possibly set on us. Our beliefs and ideas can be limiting or liberating. Just as a computer is at the mercy of its OS, the mind is significantly dictated by the belief system it adopts. A reason why organizations are run by a group unit rather than just an individual. A team opens up a boundless array of possibilities for discovery and growth which wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

When we operate from a viewpoint of duality, determining what’s good and what’s not- immediately cuts us off from the other half of the possibilities. Possibilities which could be the greatest answer to the problems at hand. Great leaders and organizations were formed at the dying edges of adversity, to prevent the possibility of a similar upheaval.

It is startling to look at the countless historical quotes down the ages, that couple strength with adversity.


The rarest diamonds are formed from the very chunk of carbon that’s deemed valueless, subjected to much pressure and temperature. Now there’s an alchemical transformation.

A plausible shift in perspective, immediately grants us a view that is missed often. The shift that makes all the difference, the turn that gets all the leverage.

The arresting times, which come to a standstill, may have something to suggest.

The very thing that imposed itself as a crisis can turn out to be the key to your triumph. The test that you face can be an enabler- to discover that one thing which is eager to manifest in you. The fresh element which wants to be a part of your composition, that makes you feel an inch taller.

Remember the times spent contemplating on discovering your hidden gifts, this could give birth to one of them.

Everything has a different blooming span, things age to perfection at varying rates and to different states of perceived quality. To expect yourself to blossom at the same stage with that of your peers can inhibit the culmination of your experiences and actions.

The bloom that you wait for, can be a moment away from that one hurdle which awaits you. That one impossible task, that one person or a bunch which always got in the way or that one fear waiting to fade away in your light.


Growth breaks ground at the brink of our perspectives.

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